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November 2nd, 2009

Looking right now

I get crushes really easily

And he probably doesn't suspect anything which is fine by me
I missed feeling in love

But I don't think anything happens without a reason, so I'm going to take this as the sign I asked for
1. Saw him in the dining hall and ate with him and pooj
1.5 I sit between him and vines in the next social studies tutorial (where before I had always sat on the door side of the round table)
2. Was in a rush and sat far away in the dining hall before review session, even with notebook out, he comes over and sits with me (happens to be the right time). I mention that I saw him falling asleep in the library.
2.5 He's in there Halloween night while I'm stressing out and instead of sitting in the library I sit in the next room over (where I can still hear him talking) and proceed to fall asleep after not getting work done
3. Thinking of when he normally eats dinner, I get down there around that time and see him again. Stressed about midterm, I sit in the balcony assuming that since I saw vines in there to that they would sit together. Is it wrong that my heart lighten when they come up and we sit for dinner again.
4. I come to the computer lab to print something out and end up staying a bit to finish Spanish. I happen to turn around and it's him. He came in to fax something for vines and we chat a bit. Oh how smooth he is in coming to sit beside me.

Every encounter can be taken as completely by chance. But hey, it still happened, and I could calculate the probabilty but chances are I've already been fudging the numbers because I've already been trying to be in positions to see him. Gosh, I don't even flirt, but he has a air of kind stability and distinct similarity as if we're coming from the same place.

Nothing will probably happen
But it's nice to be able to have the capacity to believe that something might
Perhaps I haven't given up on living just yet.

UPDATE: Also did I mention he's doing cultural survival as well? We biked up together the first time ;)