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Rantings of an inner child

forming a new enlightenment

Flying in Air
13 July 1990
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When the news is all bad,
When you're sour and blue,
When you start to get mad
You should do what I do-

Tell yourself
How lucky you are...

When your life's going wrong
When the fates are unkind
When you're limping along
And get kicked from behind
Tell yourself how lucky you are...

Why decry a cloudy sky
An empty purse
A crazy universe?
My phi-lo-soph-y is sim-ply
Things could be worse!

So be happy you're here.
Think of life as a thrill

And if worse comes to worse
(As we all know it will)
Thank your lucky star
You've gotten this far...

And tell yourself -
How lucky you are!

-CAT IN THE HAT (Seussical)

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